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Our team believes in providing the highest quality care for our clients. You can expect premier communication and transparency. Our longstanding community relationships and in depth knowledge of the surrounding neighborhoods will give you an advantage as a Peak client. If you’re ready to take the weight of management off of your shoulders or to begin investing without absorbing more of your time, give us a call today. We’re glad to provide a free consultation with no obligation.

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Peak Property Management works with accidental landlords and intentional investors alike. Those who have acquired property and found that they are spending too much time managing their investments, and those who are intentional about buying and holding rental units. Our goal is to treat each property just like it is our own investment. We have high standards when it comes to maintenance and repairs and will not manage houses for those with lower standards. The same goes for acquiring tenants for these rental units. We’ve had homeowners pay more with us than a discount management company to keep their investments top-notch, and they make more money out of their investment in the end. This is what happens when your management company cares.

You don’t want to deal with finding tenants, screening them, evictions, collecting rent, maintenance, insurance, liability, fair-housing, and the long list of tasks associated with property management. We are happy to handle it for you and are confident that you will be happy with our services.

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