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The pricing below is for residential buildings and/or portfolios with less than 10 rental units. Our team excels at managing larger assets or portfolios as well. If you own more than 10+ rental units, please contact us today for a customized management plan.
Features 1-Unit 2-4 Units 5+ Units
Management Fee
This Fee is a percentage of monthly rent collected.
9.9% 9.0% 8.0%
Lease Renewal Fee
This commission is charged at lease renewals to assist with market study, due diligence, and to perform renewal documentation.
$250 $250 $250
Leasing Fee
This is charged when a Tenant must be placed to assist with marketing, nurturing leads, showings, screenings, leasing and more.
50% ($750 Minimum) 50% ($650 Minimum) 50% ($650 Minimum)
Rent Collection
Over 98% of our Tenants pay rent online for fast and easy disbursement to Owner. If rent is not paid on time, we work diligently to collect.
Included Included Included
Direct Deposit Owner Disbursement
Owner funds are disbursed monthly via ACH directly into our Owner's bank accounts. See our Owner Disbursement Guarantee below!
Included Included Included
24/7 Owner Portal- NEW Self-Reporting Capability
Access your Owner Portal around the clock for financial statements or other updates.
Included Included Included
Year End Financial Report
We provide year end financial reporting and 1099's to Owners.
Included Included Included
Monthly Financial Statements
Financial reporting varies per asset type, and will be sent monthly to each Owner.
Included Included Included
Security Deposit Reconciliation
Our team will hold the security deposit and perform the disposition and return in accordance with federal and state laws.
Included Included Included
Tenant Benefits Package
This Tenant package includes renters and liability insurance, providing air filters, utility set up services, monthly credit reporting, and more, at no cost to the Owner! Click the video link for more details!
Included Included Included
Tenant Communication
Our team handles 100% of Tenant Communication, including maintenance, collections, violations, lease amendments, renewals, and much more.
Included Included Included
Pre-Marketing Site Evaluation
A Property Manager will perform a site visit ahead of a listing to perform due diligence in order to achieve the highest outcome possible for our Owners.
Included Included Included
Expert In-House Rental Analysis
Our Team utilizes a mix of technology with our years of experience being hyper focused on central Virginia's market, to achieve maximum returns for rentals under our care.
Included Included Included
In-Person Property Showings
Our in-house showing Agents are licensed Realtors in the State of Virginia.
Included Included Included
Move-In / Move Out Evaluation
Our team will document each rental unit before each Tenant occupies the space, and after each Tenant vacates the space in accordance with the law.
Included Included Included
In-Depth Tenant Screening
Our proprietary Tenant Screening criteria is listed on our Owner's resources page. See our Tenant Performance Guarantee below!
Included Included Included
In-Depth Animal Screening
Our pet policies are listed on our Owner Resources page. See our Pet Damage Protection Guarantee below!
Included Included Included
Full-Service Maintenance Admin Package
Benefit from our one-of-a-kind inclusive maintenance package that eliminates the risk of large and uncertain administrative fees.
$19/month $14.50/unit/month $12.50/unit/month
In-House Maintenance Capability
On top of controlling quality & responsiveness, our team can save our clients up to 30% from retail costs when performing routine maintenance and repairs in-house.
Included Included Included
Semi-Annual Property Condition Evaluations
Two (2) standard property condition evaluations are included per year at no additional cost to Owner. Required by regulation, a Fire/Safety Compliance evaluation is offered separately at an additional cost.
Included Included Included
24/7 Maintenance Coordination
Our Team performs maintenance coordination services around the clock, even after hours and holidays!
Included Included Included
Make-Ready Coordination
Our make-ready teams set the expectation by delivering a professionally clean and fully functional rental to the Tenant at move-in, so we can hold our Tenants accountable for the same condition upon move-out.
Included Included Included
Utility Management
Included with our Full-Service Maintenance Admin Package, our Team will assist Owners with initial utility set up coordination as needed
Included Included Included
Tenant Performance Guarantee
We guarantee that our Owners will NEVER have to pay 2 leasing fees in a 9-month period. If the tenant breaks their lease in the first 9-months, we will find a replacement for equal or better rent at no additional leasing fee to the Owner. Click the video link for more details!
Included Included Included
Disbursement Guarantee
With our Owner Disbursement Guarantee, we are guaranteeing that rent paid on time will be deposited into the Owner’s bank account by the 15th of each month. If we are unable to meet this guarantee, we will waive one month's management fee. Click the video link for more details!
Included Included Included
Tenant Alternative Deposit Program
Don't lose Tenants to low deposit programs! Select Tenants can now choose to pay a smaller percentage of the monthly rent as a security deposit. In this situation, Peak Property Management guarantees the Owner against lost rent or property damage up to an amount equal to one month's rent upon move out. Click the video link for more details!
Included Included Included
Pet Damage Protection Guarantee
For no extra charge to Owners, Peak Property Management guarantees to our Owners that we will pay up to $1,500 above and beyond the security deposit to repair any pet damage caused by Peak approved pets. Click the video link for more details!
Included Included Included
Customized Solutions
For commercial medical, office, retail, or larger residential properties or portfolios, please Contact Us for a customized management plan.

Additional limits, terms, and conditions may apply.  Subject to change.